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27th-Aug-2009 09:04 pm - icons

ICONS: Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Massimo Oddo, Alessandro Del Piero, Luca Toni, Andrea Pirlo.
BANNERS: Clémence Poésy, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Azurri, Luca Toni and Alex Del Piero.

more graphics here at [info]_marim_
15th-Jan-2008 10:52 pm(no subject)

.:. 70 icons .:.

[1-11] Fernando Torres
[12-18] Juan Roman Riquelme
[19-29] Alex Del Piero...Juve
[30-41] Marco Materazzi
[42-47] Massimo Oddo
[48-70] Paolo Cannavaro

13th-Nov-2007 10:01 pm - Fatti su Massi
Hello! I haven't posted anything in ages!

Anyway, did you know (and I bet you didn't!) that Massi now models for Fred Mello along with Luca Toni??

Dont believe me? check this out!Collapse )
20th-Oct-2007 08:41 pm - Interview after Milan v Celtic

He's wearing a cap in this one so we can't see his pretty eyes which leaves us no choice but to watch his luscious lips instead.. ;)

Milan defender Massimo Oddo says that both Kaka and Andrea Pirlo are worthy winners of the Ballon d'Or and that he has no favourite between the two.

Brazilian superstar Kaka is the hot favourite for this year's award after a stunning past 12 months but he is expected to face competition from the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Milan team-mate Andrea Pirlo.

Pirlo was not originally considered as a serious contender. However a magnificent first month to the current season, during which he produced a dominant performance for Italy against France last month, has put him in the frame.

"Who deserves to win it out of Kaka and Pirlo? They both deserve it just as much," said Oddo. "Pirlo and Kaka are two great champions.

"They are team-mates in the same team, they interpret different roles and have different attributes, however they both are worthy of winning the Golden Ball.

"Both players deserve to win. In the Rossoneri changing-room everyone is equal and it makes no difference who wins the award out of the two of them."

Oddo, Kaka and Pirlo should all be in Serie A action this weekend as Milan face Empoli at San Siro. source
12th-Oct-2007 09:43 am - Oddo Begs UEFA To Go Easy On Dida
Milan defender Massimo Oddo has pleaded with UEFA to be lenient when they announce later today the punishment to be handed out to Nelson Dida for his actions in Glasgow last week.

The Brazilian goalkeeper is facing a heavy fine and possibly a suspension after overreacting to an altercation with a Celtic fan during last Wednesday’s Champions League clash.

Oddo accepts that his team-mate was wrong but believes his actions were out of character and that his previous good-record should be taken into account.

“Dida knows that he committed an error,” the 31-year-old stated. “He didn’t behave correctly, but in certain situations it is easy to make a scene.

“He is an excellent goalkeeper and we can only hope that UEFA understand that it was a one-off.”

Daniele Bonera echoed the sentiments of his Rossoneri colleague and says that Dida just made a mistake. "I think he made a mistake, but he realised that,” the ex-Parma stopper said.

“It was probably a moment of nerves, his instinct told him to do what he did, but he knows himself he made a mistake."

Oddo and Bonera are both currently preparing for Italy’s crucial Euro 2008 qualifier with Georgia on Saturday evening.
The former Biancoceleste player attacked the Roman club, in particular President Lotito, for the way things are going.

After beating Lazio with Milan, Massimo Oddo spoke about the Biancocelesti, criticizing the fact that the team is basing itself too much on the youth players.

"Things must change if Lazio does not want to be a feeder club, a provincial team, where the players from hot prospects become players of a certain level before moving elsehwere," he explained.

"Lazio kept the same team of last year, but lost two players: me and one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Peruzzi," continued Oddo.

"Lotito chose this policy founded on youth players. A good policy, but to play in the Champions League, experience is fundamental."

Oddo then suggested that the solution is offering better wages.

"I think that Lazio can repeat what it has done in recent years, but it must improve. Lazio is an important club with a good following and an important story.

"It deserves an important team and must propose adequate wages if it wants to compete with the big teams of our league."

Massimo Oddo: 'Una bellissima partita' (A very beautiful match)

Massimo Oddo: 'Non abbiamo perso una partita' (We have not lost a match)

24th-Sep-2007 02:26 pm - pic of the day
from Milan v Parma

24th-Sep-2007 02:23 pm - We Still Haven't Lost, Says Oddo
Milan were held to a 1-1 draw on Saturday evening as the Rossoneri lost further ground from the top positions in Serie A.

Massimo Oddo is still optimistic about Milan's Serie A chances, despite the team suffering its third consecutive league draw on Saturday evening against Parma, following the draws against Fiorentina and Siena.

"This is not a difficult situation because we have never lost," explained the former Lazio player. "The fact is that when they reach us, we unbalance ourselves forward. We want to win at all cost and we take some extra risk."

The Milan full-back went on to describe Parma's goal.

"It was an unfortunate situation. There is a lot of disappointment because with a win we would have more points now.

"However, if on Sunday everything goes wrong, we would still be 6 points away from the top spot," said optimistically Oddo.

The Italian international explained that it is not a mentality problem.

"Milan always plays with the same conviction, both in the league and the Champions League. It's not Milan that changes, but the opponents. In the league teams like Parma arrive and they are used to suffer and defend themselves." source
21st-Sep-2007 01:35 pm - Oddo: We Need Fans' Support
Milan full-back Massimo Oddo has pleaded with the Rossoneri supporters to cheer on and get behind their team.

Captain Paolo Maldini earlier launched a stinging attack on the Milan tifosi, saying that games at San Siro were like away matches.

“Like my team-mates I’m angry because after all that we have given and all we have won we deserve to be treated better,” said Maldini.

“Fans all over the ground aren’t giving their support and I think that they need to show us that they have Milan in their hearts.

“It seems like we’re playing away all the time and we don’t want to put up with that any longer.” Azzurri right-back Oddo has also called for the fans voices to be heard.

“Everyone is free to express their thoughts but for us it is very important that we hear the voices of our supporters during every match. Your support matters - we need you.”

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Milan crowd to these comments on Saturday evening, when the Rossoneri host Parma in the latest round of Serie A matches. source
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